Nir Kedem
Nir Kedem

Rethinking the Emergence of Queer Theory with Deleuze

My First Book Launches in March 2024 By Edinburgh University Press

My first book is available for pre-ordering
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What could queer theory do and become
had it not been so entrenched in the notion of sexuality?


Holding queer theory to its originary promise to revolutionize our ways of thinking, A Deleuzian Critique of Queer Thought: Overcoming Sexuality offers a forceful encounter between Deleuze’s work and contemporary queer thought that will endow scholars working at the intersection of Deleuze studies and gender, sex, and sexuality studies with critical and practical means to both reevaluate and transform even their most treasured concepts and methods—especially sexuality. Readers will benefit a new pragmatic approach to working with Deleuze in multiple disciplines, a rigorous demonstration of its critical and creative power, and an extensive analysis of the relations between Deleuze and queer thought, which exemplifies that despite—if not owing to—the unassuming role of sexuality in his thought, Deleuze proves to be all the more queer thought’s true ally.    

Key Features and Benefits

  • A first of its kind, comprehensive implementation of Deleuze’s philosophy to analyze and overcome the critical deadlocks of contemporary queer thought.   
  • Practical, methodological guidelines for working with Deleuze across multiple disciplines.
  • A detailed demonstration of how Deleuzian critique is a powerful means to transform and enhance our ways of thinking and acting.
  • A thorough, accessible discussion of Deleuze’s key concepts.
  • A critical account of past and present dominant trends in gender, sex, and sexuality studies, their limits and potential outlets.
  • A metacritical, Deleuzian analysis of the philosophical foundations of queer theory, its evolution, and its power to transform today’s political and cultural discourses.  


Gilles Deleuze, Queer Theory, Critique, Constructivism, AIDS, Time, Body, Sexuality, Virality.

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