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I am assistant professor of cultural studies at Sapir Academic College, and I lecture in literature, queer theory, and film at Tel Aviv University. I am currently working on two scholarly monographs: one in English, titled A Deleuzian Critique of  Queer Thought: Overcoming Sexuality (Edinburgh University Press, 2019); and another in Hebrew, tentatively titled Untimely Queer: Deleuze and Cinema beyond Desire. Although independent from one another, the two monographs together comprise a single critical project that systematically employs Gilles Deleuze’s philosophical method and political pragmatics in order to offer a total reconstruction of “queer” as a radical concept for thought, action and analysis. To this end, I use Deleuze’s form of immanent critique to rethink and articulate anew the philosophical and geopolitical conditions for the emergence of queer theory (in A Deleuzian Critique) and of New Queer Cinema [NQC] (in Untimely Queer) in the United States, as well as to evaluate both queer theory’s and NQC’s critical potential to transform our ways of thinking, creating and acting in today’s posthumanist societies. 


My research centers on Gilles Deleuze’s philosophy, Michel Foucault, conceptualizations of body and time in queer theory, and, recently, animality and the figure of the inhuman in literature, film and philosophy.

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